Survival Game's Team History

Our Amazing Story

The Breakdown

In 2000 NFL Survival Game Football was born. Our head-to-head BoxScore Football leagues were added in 2003. Finally, in 2010 we began hosting Survival Game Baseball. All in all nearly one million dollars in cash prizes have been awarded throughout our contests.


  • 1990 - BoxScore Baseball LLC is formed

    In 1990, BoxScore Baseball LLC launched its first fantasy baseball leagues

  • 1995 - Introduced our Ultimate Leagues

    After nearly 5 successful years, BoxScore Baseball introduced its Ultimate (lifetime) Leagues

  • 1998 - Megabucks high stakes leagues were formed

    In 1998 we featured our Megabucks high stakes leagues which would eventually evolve into our Super Megabucks Leagues in 2002

  • 2000 - NFL Survival Game Football was born

    Now well over a decade old, Survival Game Football was launched back in 2000.

  • 2003 - Head-to-head BoxScore Football began

    Due to the quick success of the Survival Game, we launched our head-to-head BoxScore Football game

  • 2010 - Survival Game Baseball launches

    Why should football fans have all the fun of a survival game? In 2010 we launched our faster paced version of Survival Game Baseball

  • 2013 - Survival Game Football teams up with the NFL Goddess

    In 2013, Survival Game Football teams up with the NFL Goddess causing an even bigger prize pool for the game.

  • 2014 - NFL Goddess Survival Game Winner Take All game is added

    For those high stakes players, Survival Game Football teams up with NFL Goddess to create and add a larger entry fee game with a winner take all jackpot to its lineup

Our Key Historic Events

  • 1990

    Boxscore Baseball is Formed

  • 2000

    Boxscore Launches Survival Game Football

  • 2003

    Boxscore Launches Head-to-Head Football

  • 2013

    Boxscore Teams Up with NFL Goddess

  • 2014

    Boxscore Launches additional NFL Goddess / Survival Game High Stakes Game and Revamps the original Survival Game Football